Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Draw of Homophobia

At dinner last night with John Stephens (friend of Tom Fox, one of four peaceworkers currently held captive in Iraq) and with Ray and Alan from Gay Christian Network (GCN), our conversation ranged widely. At one point we talked about how the homophobic remarks by conservative Christian leaders and politican often result in donations to the cause and votes on election.

The same is true for newspaper circulation. Christine sent me a link to an article outlining the outing of celebrities in Cameroon, West Africa, a decidedly homophobic country. (Where I performed Queer 101 last April)

Seems homophobia is good for the newspaper business.
"It's been a long time since our circulation exceeded 5000," said L'Anecdote editor Francois Bikoro. "Since we began dealing with homosexuality, it has gone up to more than 20,000.
Read the full article in The Australian)


At 11:07 AM , Blogger Joe G. said...

Wow, you got to meet with the guys from Gay Christian Network. They haven't podcasted for a while, but I'm glad that they are back.

It's troubling how homosexuality "sells" at least in a very bad way. I wonder if some of this is pure curiosity given that it can be so taboo and is a big mystery to many people. Well, I guess that's a nice "reframe" on the issue...:)

PS: Thanks for the headsup on John Stephens; I didn't know he was an illustrator and comic books guy. I must check his stuff out!

At 2:11 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

For more on this issue, check out an interesting article titled: "When Private and Public Spaces Collide: Power, Sex and Politics in Cameroon" at:


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